The softball program is for seniors over 55 years of age, under the auspices of the Huntsville/Madison County Senior Center and the City of Huntsville Recreational Services.  There are three separate Senior Leagues.  They are:

    ·   Senior Rockets – 55 years and over

    ·   Senior Recreational League – 63 years and over

    ·   Senior Triad League – 72 years and over

Check with the contacts for playing times and locations.

Following are the contacts for questions:

    ·   Rockets (55+) Eddie Johnson 256-503-2897,

    ·   Recreational (63+)  Bill Noel 256-883-8444,  

    ·   Triad (72+) Greg Bogue 256-534-4091,

    ·  Senior Center Activities Coordinator – Becky Rollston 256-880-7081,

Here are the registration forms and information sheet for each league: