Up to 90% of people with Parkinson’s are likely to develop speech disorders.  In addition, aspiration pneumonia, caused by swallowing difficulty, accounts for 70% of the mortality rate.  Parkinson Voice Project is the only nonprofit organization in the world solely dedicated to addressing these serious issues.
Parkinson Voice Project Award

A National SPEAK OUT!® and LOUD Crowd® Grant was awarded to the Huntsville-Madison County Senior Center and Huntsville Hospital Parkinson's Care Clinic! The Senior Center has joined in a collaborative effort with the Huntsville Hospital Medical Mall
Parkinson’s Care Clinic as we have been jointly awarded a grant to start the speech and cognitive program for Parkinson’s patients referred to as SPEAK OUT!® and the follow-up program referred to as LOUD Crowd®. The SPEAK OUT! program consists of speech and cognitive therapy at the Medical Mall to teach patients how to strengthen their throat muscles for the purposes of swallowing and to “speak with intent.” This will be followed by a weekly ‘LOUD Crowd’ group session held at our Rock Steady facility. These sessions will be facilitated by a licensed speech pathologist /Rock Steady Coach whose husband has Parkinson’s.
Please call Carolyn at 256-513-8292.